Our MD’sVision

“The idea is to have such an integrated model which is well equipped and capable for selection, adoption and recommendation of new technologies for the clients”

This is the clear and long term vision of our MD Mr. Sanjay Kunwar, with which he drives and manages the company. It is his motivation, dedication and hard work towards his vision that has brought the company to great heights of achievability and accomplishments. He works towards a base of sustainable horizontal integration and growth. The emphasis is to discard the obsolete technologies and equipments and acquire the latest ones present. This will not only assure economical growth but will also project towards better environmental needs.

“Just like the old trees have to trimmed and maneuvered for better flexibility and flourishing growth, old technologies also have to be altered  and tailored for better and timely execution, to sync with the changing labor laws and result oriented approach.”

Not only does he believe in a steep upgradation and growth, he also believes in doing his bit of contribution towards the environment. He makes sure to use the materials which are environment friendly, produces less residual waste and are in sync with the norms and guidelines to save the environment.

He tries to mould and guide new and young talents in his organization to achieve great heights in their future. He mentors them with the relevant field work and approach to prepare them well for the upcoming challenges in life. Many of the ex employees of his company are placed in renowned positions in big and famous names of the industry.

His passion for his vision has been his untarnished mission since inception of this company and is continuing to motivate him to achieve further heights in his career graph.