Company Policy

Quality commitment

Finest Quality Guaranteed

SAI GR IMPEX ensures that each promise is fulfilled in the most efficient and the best way possible.A capable and motivated team makes sure that company only moves ahead in the right direction-along with providing the best of service and product quality.

Quality control and constant checks make sure that our clients are on the receiving end of truly world-class quality of products and services. Audits, constant revisions, management reviews and several preventive measures helps to leave no stone unturned in a bid to prove the best quality. This enables us to be the leader in each of the services and products that we provide.

Safety policy

Safety and Security at Utmost Priority

SAI GR IMPEX assures its employees and staff to provide a safe, secure and productive workplace at all times. This further enhances the benefits of the company and also results in maximum satisfaction at the workplace.

  1. Training of employees on various aspects of safety is a continuous process so that each employee knows the benefit and of each safety practice
  2. Completion of all the projects at the given time with minimal or no accidents, faults, or issues.
  3. Eliminating and controlling potential hazards that could crop up over time. This would ensure smooth flow of work without disruptions.
  4. Compliance with all health and safety regulations is a must.

Environmental policy

SAI GR IMPEX puts in a continuous effort in promoting environment friendly techniques of carrying out its services and products. We understand the need to preserve the environment and its resources and the benefits of preserving environment. We look forward to implement new and path breaking techniques in our services and products to help do our bit in saving the Earth. We all know that prevention is better than cure and we are fully committed in sustaining the natural surroundings. 

We are fully focused on finding the best balance between preserving and finding the best technique. We strive to be the best out there and can proudly mention our work towards saving the environment.